Pepper Party

Pepper Party

Monday, April 9, 2018

Say hello to Dr. Patterson!


We had a great time Friday night, went out to Korean BBQ which was DLS! and then went bowling and have been arguing about it ever since: the gift that keeps on giving...

Note our boss matching sweatshirts! How could you not?

The relief is so palpable. I can't believe it's done! Well, it's not really done as Eric has some editing to do, but that is a minor point compared to getting through the defense. 

I got Eric to give me some photos he's been hoarding on his phone too:

We went to a Butterfly Garden in Thornton on Saturday. Oscar was very careful to not step on the butterflies, and one giant yellow one kept trying to eat Eric's sweet red hoodie.

This owl hung out in our neighbor's tree across the street for a long time, looking noble.

This is from a few months ago at the Discovery Museum. Future astronauts?!?

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

John Boy!

We got some pics, we got some vids, we got a spanking new three year old in the house! And boy is he three!

I made John a chocolate cake that involved literally more than two pounds of chocolate. He liked it very much, and he liked it for breakfast best.

Auntie Liz got him several boss t-shirts, and he wore the one with a detachable cape all day today. He  liked running around with his bubble mower, pretending he was flying.

He runs very carefully, most of the time, by doing more of a giant walking stride than a run.

He likes to wear his fox pajamas, but he calls them his "Boxes!" and I say, "No, fffffffoxes!" and he says "fffffffff-Boxes!".

Every single time he sees a yellow bus, green bus, dump truck, fire truck, race car, minivan, truck, van, taxi, or motorcycle is the very best time.

He is very polite and always says, "Please can I have more candy please?" How cruel I am to say no!

And for his birthday, he got all the bubbles. And they were his, not Oscar's. Never Oscar's.

So suspicious! Rightfully so!

OK, maybe sometimes Oscar's.

in lieu of a poem

Thursday, March 29, 2018

hungry hungry Edie

OK, one more video of Edie before it's John's turn to dominate!

She, like her brothers (and mother) loves her some toast.

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

clicky mouth!

Here is Edie to tell you what, and grab your face.

And then Edie and I had a little chat about what she could and could not grab.

Saturday, March 24, 2018

Clemson visit!

Two weeks ago we went to Clemson to see the lab and try to buy a house. Well, we found a house! And we got to do a few other things too.

 We got there! First stop, Atlanta GA to say hello to Mark and Kristine. We got to the restaurant first, so that's who got to be in the photo.

There's an enormous bamboo in the stairwell of our building. It's 2.5 stories tall.

Edie has two teeth, and loves to grab your face!

I love this picture with only Edie blurry.

She is very strong!

On our last day we went for a walk near the apartment we were staying in. The apartment was gross and depressing, but this walk made us feel much more hopeful.

 We spotted a turtle! A good omen for sure.


What is this crazy yellow plant? A raspberry/rose hybrid?

Friday, March 23, 2018

odds and ends

Just a few more other pictures before we get to the good stuff...

Rock candy experiment: started out great, but.... we were storing the containers on top of the dryer. And I had to dry some clothes in the dryer. So to keep the crystals from getting shaken off the sticks over the course of an hour, I moved the containers to a more permanent, stable surface. Which shook all the crystals off the sticks immediately! Oh well, better luck next time.

This is Oscar's plant, Rock. He bought it himself, with some birthday money (I continued a grand tradition and helped him out with purchasing the pot). He named it himself, too, with some guidance. His first choice was Edie.

Our first official box was packed for moving! We have a lot of other boxes full of stuff, but none of them are actually packed. This is the only such box to exist so far. Our house is still very tidy!

A sun-baby. I have pictures of Oscar and John in that patch of sun, I'll have to see if I can find the same outfit for Edie too. It's a very attractive sun-patch!

My winter aconite bloomed! Such a cheery fleck of yellow. That spot could use about 40 more of these, because they are currently so separated that from the kitchen window it just looks like bits of trash in the garden. Bright and cheery, though.


 Spot the cat, my favorite game!